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Shelf-Involved Podcast

Jul 18, 2019

We're back with more summer reading recommendations, this time with the lighter books that make you happy. The books you can lay around with on a glamorous beach vacation (as we are all wont to take) and it won't bum you out. 

Jul 15, 2019

We're back with another mini off-season episode, this time with long-time friend of the podcast, Colleen. Who's with us today to enthusiastically yell about some YA books she loves. 

Jul 4, 2019

We're back for our off-season! We miss all you lovely listeners already, so we're back for the month of July with some mini-episodes. Our third season will kick off at the end of August. Until then, we hope you enjoy our recommendations for summer reading. This episode, we're talking about escapism for summer reading...